Episode #32: Bryce Blankenship, M.A. (The Absurdity of Existence)


The man, the myth, the legend…BRYCE BLANKENSHIP has returned to the ITA podcast to give forth his wisdom unto me and you. WHAT IS THIS WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE? What does it mean to live? How do we face the fact that death is but inches away–that our lives hang with utmost fragility over the abyss of inexistence? I’m not sure…it seems, however, that Bryce has a couple ideas up his sleeves. Enjoy! 

Outro provided by Brock Tanya. 

Bryce’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYukClZsrW6IUW_NrOAIBIA/featured 


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  1. Franklin Stover says:

    Greetings. I enjoyed listening to your Naked Mormonism podcast on Luman Walter of Apr 7, 2017. I have been researching Luman Walters’ life for years and am intrigued with your findings. My research morphed into a novel as I continue to search for 1st source material. And no, I am not Mormon. Feel free to email me.


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