#46: Matthew Hazelwood (Democracy vs Anarchism, US Politics, and Consciousness)


Matthew Hazelwood is the cohost of the Beyond Talking Points podcast and the host of The Philosopher’s Guide to the Apocalypse podcast. We discussed the problems with democracy, overpopulation (“I am inevitable!”) vs love in respect to the COVID-19 epidemic, American politics, and the debate on “cleaning your own room” featuring Jordan Peterson. Enjoy!

Outro provided by Brock Tanya.

Beyond Talking Points: https://open.spotify.com/show/5Hag3O3dJr64F6VNs7rF3w?si=18cYp-yeQHKyIpd4gYpc_Q&dl_branch=1

The Philosopher’s Guide to the Apocalypse: https://open.spotify.com/show/0022dxux6LS7t0NDJpQu6Q?si=KNR1gX4hRd-g3CV-1qlAag&dl_branch=1 


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